“SEED: The Untold Story” is the 3rd film in a trilogy

that began with award-winning films “Real Dirt On Farmer John” & “Queen of the Sun”.


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SEEDing the Future of Sustainable Agriculture



Over the last century, 94 percent of seed diversity has been lost!  Sadder still, is that the modern world has lost touch with this heritage, a timeline of interaction, a centuries old love story between humans and plants. Two men and their colleagues are hoping to re-inspire the world... Taggart Siegel and Jon Betz are busy at work creating a film about seeds and man’s interaction with them.

SEED: The Untold Story, a feature-length documentary film, by the non-profit Collective Eye Films, tells the harrowing and heartening story of ‘humans’ 12,000-year relationship with seeds. As many irreplaceable seeds are nearing extinction, SEED unveils a David and Goliath battle for their future. The film follows an absorbing journey into “doomsday” seed vaults, the colorful dedication of seed savers, and the world of indigenous tribes, who strive to protect our sacred seed ancestry. SEED celebrates the mystery, power and essential nature of seeds.

“The beauty of the seed is out of one you can get millions. The beauty of the pollinator is that it turns that one into the millions.” —Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva’s above quote inspired us to make SEED. This will be the third film in a trilogy that began with our award-winning films Real Dirt On Farmer John & Queen of the Sun. These films explore our fundamental connection to the natural world and how seeds, pollinators and small family farmers are all endangered.

Academy-Award Winning Actress Marisa Tomei, after seeing Queen of the Sun, was inspired to help and joined SEED as Executive Producer. She strongly believes that seeds are sacred and that they need our protection. We are honored that she is supporting this film!

From a kernel of corn to a grain of wheat, every seed carries within it the hope of the future. We can turn the issue of corporate control of our seeds around and bring back the diversity that our ancestors passed down to us. SEED will give light to that hope.

by Joseph Simcox


Joseph Simcox is a Ethnobotanist and World Food Plant Ecologist, he studies the world food plant resources and works to promote food planter resources. His work has taken him to over 100 countries.


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